Rob comes home

Will Rob face up to his mental health problems?

Karen is startled when she hears a key in the front door. When she sees Rob, she’s filled with emotions of anger and relief. Rob tries his best to explain what he’s been going through but, seeing him struggle to explain himself, she sends him to bed. DCI Driver comes round to visit Rob, but it’s clear he needs medical help. Heston also visits Rob – but can he convince the policeman to face up to his mental health problems?

Meanwhile, at The Mill, Ayesha confronts Emma, demanding to know exactly how aware she was of Rob’s mental health issues. It seems that with Rob’s problems being brought to light, Ayesha is even more convinced that Emma’s not telling the entire truth when it comes to Bren’s death. Mrs Tembe is worried about Ayesha more than ever and calls on Daniel and Jimmi to help unite the staff so everyone can move forward?