Ric unveils the revamped Keller ward

Ric kicks off the press tour of the revamped Keller ward and is proud of its state-of-the-art gadgets. When investor Bill Kenwood collapses, Ric decides to rush Bill straight into the new – but unfinished – theatre, certain that this will put Keller, and himself, in the spotlight. But when the power fails, Ric and his team battle to save Bob without the aid of any of Keller’s new equipment.

When Maria asks anaesthetist Jamie if he will assist Ric in the emergency, he agrees – but only if she will join him for a drink after work. Later, Jamie is messing around with the defibrillator when he gets a shock. Sam battles to resuscitate Jamie with little success. As Maria waits for Jamie in the bar, assuming she’s been stood up, Sam arrives with the news that Jamie has died.

Joseph pulls some strings to admit Daisha and her baby into a room on Darwin. As Faye tries to persuade Daisha to bond with her child, Daisha finds a teddy and a cheque for £1,000 in the crib from Joseph. Daisha is shocked by the gesture, but not half as much as Faye. When confronted, Joseph insists he just wants to help Daisha, but Faye is certain he still wants a child of his own.

And nurse Rachel Baptiste has a tough first day at Holby.