Ric numbs the pain of losing Diane

Elliot interrupts Ric during theatre to tell him the news that Diane has died in a collision between her car and a freight train. Everyone soon realises that, Nick, the train driver who killed Diane, is a patient on the ward. As Jac operates on Nick, she gets frustrated when she’s forced to call on Ric for assistance.

Despite having been drinking after the news about Diane, Ric goes into theatre. After a slight hesitation, Ric performs the surgery with total success. Later, Thandie accuses Ric of still being in love with Diane. She takes off his engagement ring and Ric walks out.

Elsewhere, Chrissie is called into work: the department is understaffed but Sutherland won’t help. When overworked Maria makes a mistake, Chrissie is sympathetic and goes to talk to Mark, who tells her that if the staff start doing only what is in their contracts then Sutherland will have to take notice.

Also, when Elliot tells Sam that he’s worried that the car he lent Diane had a fault, Sam reassures him. And Lola and Abra tend to an ageing film star.