Rachel confronts Tara

Rachel tries to hide hate mail directed at Kim, but Kim finds it and is disheartened that people already think he’s guilty of assaulting Tara.

Rachel’s really worried about Kim’s black mood, but Morag turns up to tell them that Tara has a police record. However, the records have mysteriously disappeared, and, when Jack investigates, he discovers the files have been deleted from the police database.

Later, Kim and Rachel are stunned to hear Tara being interviewed on the radio, tearfully revealing how Kim took advantage of her, and how men like him need to be stopped. Rachel is furious and angrily confronts Tara, but their heated argument is interrupted by Gordon and Morag who drag her away.

Flustered Dean flees following his kiss with Matilda. She confronts him and he admits that, despite his feelings for her, he’s unsure it’s wise getting together with another counselling friend. Later, Matilda is pleased to hear she can go home and heads out to tell Dean, but spots him in the distance in a heated argument with a man. Dean claims the man is his brother Gareth, who’s just told him their dad doesn’t want him back home because of his drink and drugs problem. Matilda is sympathetic and they share a passionate goodbye kiss.

Also, Amanda gives an excited Tony Kim’s old job as gym manager