Rachel agrees to leave the bay

Rachel is reeling after Kim’s shock announcement that he wants to leave the Bay and he tells her he won’t go without her.

Kim is relieved and grateful when Rachel agrees to pack her bags, but then Kim reveals he wants to go by the end of the day! With so much to organise, Rachel decides to wait a while before following him to the city.

Later, Morag tells Kim his bail can be transferred to the city and also reveals she’s come across Tara’s missing police files. Kim’s hopeful they might contain something which could prove his innocence, but is disappointed to learn Tara’s conviction was only for shoplifting. Later, Kim bids the Bay and Rachel a tearful goodbye.

Emily confides in Sally that her health is seriously deteriorating but doesn’t want Brad to know. And after a check-up at the hospital, the girls learn that Emily’s days are numbered, and Sally convinces Emily she must tell Brad the truth about her illness. When Brad arrives home, Emily makes a tearful confession…

Lucas is awkward around Matilda when she returns from the retreat and confesses he saw her kiss Dean. Matilda feels guilty about hurting Lucas and tells him she hopes they can still be friends.