The famous faces arrive in Rome for the last episode of Pilgrimage: The Road to Rome

The celebrity pilgrims (sorry, personalities, as the voiceover insists on calling them) are on the final stretch of their journey to Rome, but they’ve still got a fair bit to go, some of it uphill and in temperatures of 30°C.

There are welcome diversions, including a lovely unspoiled forest and an old amphitheatre
in Sutri.

Pilgrimage: The Road to Rome

Lesley Joseph, Stephen K Amos and Greg Rutherford put their best foot forward

Lesley Joseph gives us her best Julius Caesar while Greg Rutherford and Brendan Cole indulge in a spot of arm-wrestling, which quickly escalates into just wrestling.

(It wouldn’t be surprising to see these two get a series of their own, perhaps with Les Dennis making an occasional guest appearance.)

How will they feel 
at the end of their 15-day pilgrimage – and has it changed them at all?

TV Times rating: ****