Peggy discovers Pauline’s deceit

Pauline is taken aback when old enemy Peggy pays her a visit and warmly offers her sympathies over her ‘predicament’. Peggy decides to host an event at the Vic to try and raise money for the ‘dying’ Pauline to send her and Joe on a break.

Joe is horrified when Peggy mentions her plans and realises he needs to tell Peggy the truth. Martin bursts in and reveals that Pauline lied about the brain tumour to split him and Sonia up and an outraged Peggy marches into the bar and tells all to the stunned punters!

May finally returns to the flat and Rob is frantic. A steely May refuses to listen to Rob’s apologies about his affair with Dawn and she reveals she’s cancelling her IVF. Meanwhile, Dawn tells Carly that she’s having the abortion done on the NHS and she’s used Rob’s cash to go clothes shopping.

Billy’s hopes that Honey will come round to Petal’s condition are fast disappearing when she talks about having a new ‘Janet’ for Christmas 2007 after Petal is gone. Billy is secretly heartbroken when he and Honey receive a call from Social Services saying that foster parents have been found for Petal.