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Paul meets more inspirational youngsters in this week’s Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes on ITV, including six-year-old Noah, who’s having a kidney removed

Paul’s putting a smile on more patients’ faces at Great Ormond Street in this week’s Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes on ITV, including spirited six-year-old Noah, who has Alagille Syndrome.

Cameras follow Noah (above with his mum and Paul) as he undergoes a risky operation to remove his right kidney, which is no longer working thanks to this rare condition.

Meanwhile, two-year-old Lucas has travelled from Belfast for a procedure that could save his sight as he has a detached retina, and cute toddler Taylor-Rose needs her oesophagus widening to help her eat after an operation to remove a battery she swallowed.

Then, down in the busy hospital pharmacy, Paul meets a vital member of staff – Fred, a robotic arm that uses barcode scanning to locate much-needed medication.

Lucas on Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes

Paul meets two-year-old Lucas and his parents in Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes on ITV

Most operations to remove a faulty kidney are relatively simple, but for Noah, the surgery is tricky, as his body has created abnormal blood vessels, and removing the kidney could affect the blood supply to his other organs.

‘Alagille affects his liver, heart, kidneys and vascular system.

‘Noah tries to do everything like a normal six-year-old but there are limits and he tires quite easily,’ says his mum, Gemma.

‘A kidney removal isn’t straightforward.

‘He was due to have an operation last year but it was too dangerous.’

When doctors decide to go ahead, cameras follow the tense three-hour operation.

Thankfully, the procedure is a success and, after three weeks, Noah returns home to Leicester.

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Just a month later, he fulfils his dream of returning to school.

‘It’s amazing,’ says Gemma.

‘Noah has lots of energy and keeps us on our toes, it’s like nothing has ever happened.’ 

TV Times rating: *****