Our Girl

Our Girl's Georgie (Michelle Keegan) and her comrades are in mortal danger in northern Nigeria after 
a mission goes wrong

Our Girl‘s Georgie (Michelle Keegan) and her comrades are in mortal danger in Northern Nigeria after 
a mission goes wrong.

As an experienced army medic, you would think Georgie might have learned not to let emotion interfere with her duty by now.

But her reckless actions are 
set to have dire consequences tonight, after she made a disastrous diversion on what should have been a straight forward mission at the end of last week’s episode.

Our Girl

The section’s under ambush

Not only has she ruined a three-month undercover operation, led by her new boss, Bones (Olly Rix), but she and her comrades from 2-section now find themselves behind enemy lines and in serious danger.

With no hint that their captors in Nigeria will be merciful, and no suggestion they’ll negotiate, will Georgie and crew make 
it out alive?

TV Times caught up with Michelle during a break in filming, we asked her if all the Army training has turned her into an action woman.

‘Yes, I’d love to do more action in the future, but no more running – I absolutely hated that!

‘The boys would laugh at me because I was always coming last and it was so embarrassing, I had to ask them to slow down!

‘I’ve been so proud to represent the Army, though – it was an amazing thing to meet the Army medics at Aldershot and portray them on screen.’

TV Times ratings: ****