Ordeal by Innocence

Shock revelations as the Agatha Christie whodunit - Ordeal by Innocence - concludes

Shock revelations as the Agatha Christie whodunit concludes.

Well, the Argylls have proved themselves to be a pretty dodgy bunch indeed, haven’t they?

Now, as the superb Agatha Christie thriller comes to a devastating conclusion, a worn-down Leo rightly says,

‘Everything is coming home to roost’, and all of the family’s (very iffy!) secrets are spilling out of their closets like there’s no tomorrow.

But as poor Calgary reflects on the can of worms he has opened up for them all, he finds himself in danger…

When the truth at last comes to light about Rachel’s complex relationships with each member of her household and the events that led up to her murder, some shocking new potential motives are unveiled.

But who is the real killer?