Ollie lashes out at Matteo and Jac!

When Matteo steals his thunder, Ollie sees red…

Ollie’s in high spirits this week when Jac gives him the green light to pitch his chest biopatch project to the chairman of the Holby board for funding. But he’s got competition when a scheming Matteo wants to pitch a project of his own. Jac dismisses Matteo’s idea, much to Ollie’s relief, but she makes a U-turn when she finds some notes from Matteo.

Jac’s furious Matteo’s proposal is an innovation on the stent project he stole from her but she can’t argue with the medical benefits of the idea. In theatre, Matteo and Ollie fit patient Daisy with the biopatch – but Matteo rattles Ollie by revealing Jac’s given him the go-ahead to pitch his stent project, too!

Back on the ward, Ollie can barely contain his anger. While talking a revived Daisy through her recovery, Ollie explodes at Daisy’s inconsiderate husband Steve, then almost strikes Matteo when he tries to diffuse the situation! Furious with Jac over her betrayal, Ollie gives her a piece of his mind. Will he ever get his chance to shine?

Meanwhile, with their relationship finally back on track, Dominic struggles to keep Isaac from meeting his homophobic father Barry when his parents unexpectedly turn up at Holby needing his help. But when Dom’s mum works out they’re a couple and later tries to bond with Isaac, his blunt manner rather unnerves her…

Also, when Morven tries to convince Cameron to stay at Holby, he wonders if she has feelings for him. While trying to let her down gently, Cameron surprises himself – does he care more for her than he’d like to admit?