Nathan proposes to Selena!

When Nathan’s mum Peggy has problems with the delivery of her new kitchen, she ends up bringing her deliveryman in for emergency treatment at Holby.

And while she’s there, she quietly warns Selena off her son, but when a shocked Nathan hears her badmouthing him, he impulsively ends up proposing to Selena!

Elsewhere, Abs, Cyd, Alice and Guppy are at the coast taking surfing lessons from Greg, but things start going wrong when Guppy gets stung by a weever fish, before Greg sees something in the water and immediately panics, thinking it’s a shark. He confides in a concerned Cyd that his best friend died in a shark attack five years ago.

Back at the emergency department, Greg confides further in Cyd, prompting her to try to kiss Greg, but he pulls away at the last minute without explanation.

Meanwhile, restaurant owner Paul and fisherman Michael and Laurie are out on a boat. Drunk, Michael starts messing around with a flare and causes a near disaster on the boat. Luckily, Greg and the gang are nearby and help rush the injured back in time to Holby City General.

Also, Harry decides to stand as an MP in the local by-election in order to save the emergency department from closing.