Nadia cottons on to Stitch’s bad-boy ways

Nadia comes into work after a night of passion with Stitch. At first Stitch ignores her, but they are soon thrown together when two war veterans, Tom and Reg, arrive in the emergency department.

As they tend to Reg, Stitch suggests that Nadia come to his office to finish what they started last night.

Stitch admits to Tom that Reg doesn’t have long to live. Reg wants his good friend to honour their promise – to see that he dies with dignity. Nadia, who’s keen to go to Stitch, tells Tom she won’t be a minute and heads out of Resus.

When Tess arrives in Resus to find that Tom has unplugged Reg from the monitors, she jumps in and calls for security leaving Guppy to take over as she goes to find Nadia. Tess bursts in to Stitch’s office -and as Stitch leaves to attend the emergency in Resus, Nadia crawls out from under the desk.

The medics battle to save Reg but he arrests and dies. Tess demands to know where Nadia was, and the young nurse confesses that she was with Stitch in his office – but Stitch denies that they were together. Betrayed, Nadia calls her father about Stitch – but Stitch just laughs when she gets the answerphone.

Meanwhile, Dixie gets jealous when Cyd asks her for time off to go camping with Greg. When Cyd notices that Dixie is feeling left out, she invites her along too but Dixie declines the offer. Later, Jeff finds Dixie wiping her eyes as she struggles with her feelings for Cyd.

And Selena discovers she’s pregnant – but is the baby Harry’s or Nathan’s?