Nadia causes a stir

The first day for new nurse Nadia (Daphne Alexander) doesn’t go well. She argues with Sam over a parking space and then rubs Kelsey up the wrong way by refusing to help treat a patient. Later, Nathan’s just about to have a go at her for parking her car in his space when a board member he’s been showing around recognises her as the daughter of a man who made a very generous donation to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Selena confesses to Maggie that she’s feeling down because Harry hasn’t been in touch since he left – little does she know that Nathan has deleted a message from Harry on her mobile phone. Later, Selena leaves a message for Harry saying that their kiss was a mistake, but she’s still upset to think that he hasn’t been in contact.

Later, after the death of a patient, Abs suggests that everyone goes out for a drink. Nadia announces that the drinks are on her, but Kelsey isn’t interested. When Nadia spots that her car has a flat tyre, she sweet-talks Abs into changing it for her and soon Sam and Guppy are lending a hand.

Also, Mike openly kisses Cyd in front of other members of staff making Dixie feel awkward.