Is Moira about to buy drugs from daughter Holly’s dealer?

Desperate Moira meets up with Holly's dealer, Simon

Exhausted and at her lowest ebb, a conflicted Moira heads off to meet her daughter Holly’s drug-dealer, Simon. As the pair come face to face in a car-park, will Moira go ahead and buy the dodgy stash of pills to help her sleep and numb her mounting stress?

Elsewhere, Victoria’s doubts about Adam’s involvement in Emma’s death, continue to mount. But her boyfriend is appalled when she later quizzes him and it’s clear she doesn’t trust him. As the couple go head to head, could this be the end of their relationship?

Meanwhile, when Arthur and Elliot come across a tyre buried in the woods, a very suspicious Laurel thinks she should call the police. What will she decide to do? And who was responsible for hiding it there?