Michael’s wife Annalese makes her mark

Almost back to full health following her accident, Jac sees a way of getting in on the action when she spots the ideal patient for a new research paper Michael is working on. Elliot is reluctant to let Michael try the new procedure on his cancer patient, but Jac mentions the life-saving procedure to the patient herself, who’s only too happy to give it a go.

Meanwhile, Donna’s looking to further herself too – not least because she wants to bag a man like Maria, who’s smitten with consultant Aaron. Sam agrees to teach Donna more about being a scrub nurse and, in theatre, Donna is in awe of Sam’s replacement anaesthetist who is clever and beautiful.

After convincing Michael to let her work for him, Jac impresses him in theatre. As they leave, Michael suggests they go for a drink and as they head for the bar, Donna and the anaesthetist exit the lift and a shocked Michael introduces Donna and Jac to his wife, Annalese. Michael fears Donna will mention their affair – but he relaxes when Jac lavishes attention on Annalese.

Elsewhere, Joseph is struggling to play dad when Archie arrives to spend the day with Faye, and makes his excuses to go back to work. That evening, Joseph is stuck in the lift with Daisha when her waters break – she’s in labour!

Also, ambitious Donna leaves Maria in the lurch as she strives to climb the career ladder.