Melody turns to Jimmi for advice

Melody is offered a job at a flash new poly-clinic and goes to Jimmi for advice. Jimmi reassures her that she’s ready for it and that he recommended her to the head of the clinic who is particularly interested in her work with mental health issues. This boosts Melody’s confidence no end – but then she remembers she needs to pass her exams first!

Elsewhere, Cherry visits her friend Amber, who has recently married a rich older man but is often left alone with her lecherous stepson Ralph. When Cherry discovers that Amber slept with Ralph in a moment of madness, she advises her friend to come clean to her husband. Later, Cherry decides to seize the day herself and asks Simon out for a drink.

Also, the partners interview for a new GP and Heston demands he gets to make the final decision after the disagreement over Ruth. But when Heston favours the doc in stilettos, Lily is horrified!

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