Melody passes her exams!

Melody is still being held hostage at Terry’s house but she manages to successfully deliver Kim’s baby girl. Melody wants Terry to take them to hospital but Kim reveals he’ll take the baby away as he’s involved with a credit agency and she’s being paid to give up the baby to cover her debts. As Kim asks Melody to look after the tot, Kim faints. Meanwhile, Melody’s co-op colleague, Etienne, checks Melody’s last call-out address and when Terry is dismissive, a suspicious Etienne calls the police.

Terry bundles Melody, Kim and the baby into his van and veers off into a scrap yard when he spots Etienne trailing him. Stuck in the van, Melody panics when she sees another vehicle being lifted into the crusher. Etienne tries to stop Terry taking the baby to his boss, Mr White, but Terry hits him over the head. As Terry is arrested, Etienne spots Terry’s van being crushed… and he’s relieved when Melody and Kim appear. Later, Melody visits Kim, who now has a chance with her baby.

As Melody returns exhausted from her turbulent day, she asks Heston to open her exam results – she’s passed! As the start congratulate Melody with a party, Julia encourages her to take the job at the Cheyney Clinic. As Melody leaves The Mill for good, new GP Zara Carmichael arrives and immediately upsets Cherry by claiming that Simon is gay.

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