Melody is trapped!

Melody is anxious about opening her exam results and asks Karen to hold onto the envelope for the time being. Melody treats pregnant woman Kim Longstaff, who has been checked in as an emergency patient by Terry Kent. Melody grows suspicious when she notices track marks on Kim’s arm, but Kim denies she’s still using drugs. Melody further worries when she realises that Terry has provided a fake name and address for Kim and asks Pc Vicky Hilton to investigate.

Meanwhile, Heston tells Melody he knows about the job offer and she’s shocked to hear he’s written her a glowing reference. Back at Kim’s house, the expectant mum is with another pregnant resident, Alicia, when her waters break and while Kim calls for help, Alicia calls Terry to come back. Melody arrives at Kim’s house with co-op driver Frank but as she tries to call an ambulance for Kim, Terry shows up, snatches the phone and orders Melody to deliver Kim’s baby on the spot.

When Alicia starts getting contractions too, Melody urges Terry to let them all go to hospital, saying that Frank will have called for help. But she soon realises that Terry has already dealt with Frank… and that she’s trapped.

Also, Daniel rushes out to see Cybil Lambert, only to discover she just wanted his company. His annoyance subsides as they enjoy some tea and harmless banter and Daniel is moved when Cybil gives him her late husband’s cufflinks as a thank you. But his mood is ruined when Cybil’s son Malcolm questions Daniel’s motives for being there.

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