EastEnders Spoilers: Mel makes a play for Phil Mitchell!

Mel flirts with Phil Mitchell in a desperate bid to stop him hurting her son, while Billy begs Honey for a second chance.

Phil is full of rage after watching the E20 CCTV footage on his mobile. He grabs a baseball bat and heads out to track down Hunter and get his revenge. With Phil out of control, Sharon is desperate to calm him down, while a horrified Mel goes out looking for her son. Phil shows Sharon the CCTV footage and points out that Hunter is winking at the camera – proof that he only slept with Louise to get at Phil…

Sharon takes Hunter and Louise home, while Mel comes up with a plan to keep Hunter safe from a furious Phil. She brings up their history together and then flirts with Phil to sweet talk him. Phil finds it difficult to resist Mel’s charms and he moves in for a kiss… Will something happen between them? Meanwhile, Sharon confronts Hunter and warns him never to disrespect Louise again.

Billy is miserable when he sees a tipsy Honey flirting with Jack in the club. Tina, however, tries to encourage Billy not to give up and she tells him to fight for Honey. After a humiliating incident, Billy is hopeful when Honey suggests that she was only flirting with Jack to hurt him. Billy begs Honey to forgive him but will she take him back?

Also, Bernadette supports a grief-stricken Ted.