EastEnders Spoilers: Can Mel Owen keep son Hunter Owen in the dark?

Mel Owen is worried son Hunter Owen will find out about Jack, Halfway Highway’s embarrassed by a surprise party and Kim Hubbard makes a confession.

Mel Owen does her best to hide from her suspicious son Hunter that she’s spent the night with Jack Branning. He almost finds out that Jack stayed over but Mel dodges his doubts. Hunter is not stupid, however, and soon guesses what his mum has been up to!

Halfway is embarrassed when Whitney and the Carters lavish attention on him. He’s stunned when he finds out that they’re planning to throw him a surprise bash with a special guest… Who could it be?

Donna is perplexed about Vincent’s disappearance and she pushes Kim to tell her where her brother has gone to. Kim can’t bear Donna’s questions any more and she finally snaps and admits that Vincent has left her.