EastEnders Spoilers: Will Mel Owen ruin Billy Mitchell’s birthday?

Billy Mitchell’s not having the best of birthdays, Mel Owen gets it on with Jack Mitchell and Kush Kazemi returns from abroad with news!

Billy is in no mood to celebrate on his birthday. Especially when he gets yet another brow-beating from Mel after making a new mistake at work. Jack and Woody are a bit taken aback when they hear Mel laying into Billy, thinking it’s too much. Later, Mel feels bad for the way she’s been with Billy and she decides to host a surprise birthday party for him.

Mel encourages Honey to come along to Billy’s surprise party. But her plan to get them talking completely backfires. An upset Billy has a go at her for interfering. Shocked by Billy’s wrath, she storms off and straight into Jack. He tells her that she needs to make things up to Honey. Mel’s fuming that Jack’s telling her what to do but their bickering soon turns to passion! Meanwhile, Honey agrees to let Billy spend the evening with the kids but he pushes his luck and tries to kiss her…

Kush is back from Dubai and he’s shocked to discover that Vincent has left Kim. Kush has some big news himself but he’s not sure how to break it to Denise. When Carmel lets slip to Denise what Kush is keeping from her, Denise is furious. Is Kush in big trouble?

Also, the feud between Max and Phil heats up.