EastEnders Spoilers: Mel Owen makes a deal with Kat Moon

Kat and Mo find a way to keep their job with Mel at E20, Arshad is concerned that he’ll lose baby Harley, and Max tries to get settled.

Kat and Mo have almost pushed Mel too far after stealing booze from the club… Mel tells them that if she wants the cleaning job she’ll have to return all the booze she stole from the night before.

Realising that Linda and Mel are rivals, Kat comes up with a blag to get herself a trial at the Vic by playing them off against each other. While cleaning the pub, Kat steals some of the Queen Vic booze to return the missing stash to E20!

Harley’s parents have been arrested, much to Arshad’s relief. His initial concerns that Harley may be placed with another foster family come to nothing. Arshad is delighted when the Ahmeds are allowed to continue looking after the baby.

Also, Max does all he can to get his life back together.