EastEnders Spoilers: Masood Ahmed makes a shocking discovery!

Arshad and Masood realise baby Harley has been kidnapped, Keegan comforts an upset Tiff, and Sharon gives Max a warning about his return.

Arshad and Masood are absolutely horrified when they find out that Harley has been taken by his birth mother and father. Masood realises that Tiffany put a picture of Harley online, which was how the baby’s parents managed to track him down. There is a frantic search for Harley when the police arrive. Will Harley be safely returned to the Ahmed’s care?

Tiffany is distraught to find out that baby Harley’s disappearance was largely her fault. Deciding that Whitney is right, she starts packing up her belongings to return home to her mum’s. Keegan later finds a miserable Tiff sitting in the park and he tries to comfort her. The pair have a heart-to-heart about her leaving the Square.  Tiff feels much better.

Sharon visits Max to have a word. She insists that he’s going to find life difficult when Phil finds out about the car lot. Sharon is irritated when Max plays it cool with her. He makes it absolutely clear he’s really not bothered what Phil thinks!

Also, Mel gives Clean Slaters a second chance at cleaning the club but Kat and Mo are soon up to their old tricks and they help themselves to some of the booze!