Marlon and Donna’s desperate act

Donna and Marlon wait anxiously as the police try to track down the runaway kids, but Eli eventually finds them in Seth’s hide and he takes them back to the village.

Marlon is concerned that the kids are unhappy with their uncle Tony – and it’s clear that Tony can’t cope with them. Marlon and Donna worry that the kids will be split up in foster care and decide to abduct them!

Scott and Debbie visit the Hopes’ flat and are shocked to see what a state Bob’s let it get into while Viv is away. Scott finds a jumper that smells suspiciously of wood smoke and Debbie asks Bob if he was behind the billboard arson. Scott is furious that Bob has been carrying on his vendetta behind Viv’s back and a sheepish Bob agrees to put a stop to it.

Katie is back from hospital and is relieved to hear that Diane is taking care of the Christmas dinner arrangements. Jack is put on the spot when Jo learns about the Sugden’s Christmas dinner plans and he feels forced to invite her. Andy suggests Jo invite her mum along too, but she’s suspiciously reluctant.