Marlon and Donna get worrying news

Marlon and Donna are disheartened when they get a quote for building their new house and it’s clear that it’s way more than they can afford.

Zak suggests scavenging for materials, but the unimpressed couple insist they want to keep things above board. But their housing situation becomes the least of their worries when the police turn up and reveal that Lilith’s children have gone missing…

Belle is still off school and Zak takes it upon himself to give her some home schooling, but it’s soon clear that the young Belle knows far more about maths and spelling than her dad! Lisa realises she’ll have to take over as Belle’s teacher, but she also struggles to help her out.

Jamie and Bob are secretly chuffed when the village awakes to find the billboard a charred mess and wonder who could have set alight to it. Tom and Jimmy are convinced that Chas is the culprit and they confront her. She denies her involvement but claims that it’s nothing less than the family deserve.