Mark comes clean to Chrissie

When Mark makes a near-fatal mistake on the ward, Elliot tells Chrissie about Mark’s cocaine problem but she laughs at the suggestion. As Mark continues to deny his drug problem to Chrissie, he develops a nose bleed, and Chrissie later finds a large quantity of cocaine stashed in his desk.

Chrissie confronts Mark, who finally breaks down and admits he needs help. When Stuart realises that Mark has a problem, he arranges for Mark to go on a resuscitation refresher course. But this is just a front: Stuart has really organised for Mark to go into rehab.

Also, Donna continues to flirt with Michael and he finds it increasingly difficult not to succumb to her charms. During a play fight, the pair almost kiss – but Michael moves away.

And Larry – played by former EastEnders star Shaun Williamson – is a local radio DJ with a dwindling audience who wants to broadcast live from his operation in a bid to boost ratings.

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