Mandy proposes to Luke in Hollyoaks! Will he say yes?

What will Luke do when Mandy pops the question?

Mandy and Luke have spent the night together and everything between them seems to be perfect. Luke lays his heart on the line for his ex but his spirits fall when she suddenly makes her excuses and rushes off saying she needs to go into town.

A crest-fallen Luke thinks she’s had a change of heart and is running away from him, however he couldn’t be more wrong.

Later on, Mandy returns to the village and gets down on bended knee! How will Luke respond when she presents him with a ring and asks him to marry her?

Elsewhere, Ryan is feeling very jittery when Amy’s murder case is re-opened and James is alarmed when he returns home to find a battered and bruised Harry waiting for him. What’s happened to Tony’s son?