Lofty’s darkest day?

Recently promoted Lofty finds himself in charge of the ED nursing staff this week while senior nurses Rita and Charlie attend a course.

A reluctant leader, Lofty’s pushed into the position by doctor pal Dylan. But the shift goes horribly wrong on several fronts, from understaffing to important stock being stolen. And when exhausted agency nurse, Diana, ends up dying because she failed to step away from a patient being defibrillated, Lofty is distraught…

Also this week, Big Mac comes up with a harebrained scheme to win back Noel’s trust, and Noel goes along with it to help a vulnerable patient. Later, with Noel unwilling to forgive Big Mac’s weeks of lies and deceit, Big Mac turns to prescription painkillers for his bad back to dull the pain of losing his best friend.

Elsewhere, clinical lead Connie takes an uncharacteristic day off to have a girl’s day out with newly returned daughter Grace!