Lily and Iain’s bad romance!

Passion turns to hate when Lily and Iain disagree over patient care…

Doctor Lily Chao’s normally dormant romantic life has woken up and taken a delightful, sizzling turn! Last week, after harsh words from grieving friend Ethan Hardy, Lily shed her inhibitions and got passionate with paramedic Iain in a hearse at Cal Knight’s funeral.

This week the motor-related love-in continues and Lily and Iain get even closer in the back of one of the Holby City ambulances!

Later, however, when compassionate Iain and career-focused Lily clash over the kindest treatment of an elderly couple – brought into the ED after attempting a desperate suicide pact – Lily and Iain’s new relationship is rocked to the core.

They have a fiery argument and, in the heat of the moment, both Iain and Lily utter cruel, hateful words they can’t take back. With neither able to forgive the other, will they heartbreakingly call time of death on their romance?

Lily and Iain Casualty

Has Connie been brushing up on The Art of War?

Also this week, clinical lead Connie Beauchamp is back – and she declares war on Sam’s cost-cutting redundancies. The medical director soon finds out Connie’s made this one personal!

Elsewhere, Ethan is staying up all night watching Scott’s house. Will he catch Cal’s killer doing something incriminating?