A letter leaves Mrs Tembe worried

Has Mrs Tembe made a huge mistake?

Mrs Tembe receives a letter and it makes her feel anxious. She calls in Sid and explains that she put him forward for a diversity award and he’s been shortlisted! While Sid should be excited, he seems extremely underwhelmed by the nomination. Will Sid embrace the award nomination or feel that he’s being made to be a token based on his race?

Meanwhile, Daniel and Zara contemplate if they have become a “boring old married couple,” as they couldn’t bring themselves to try “swinging” with Adele and Richard. They discuss the past and both agree that in their younger days, they would have taken the plunge and slept with Adele and Richard.

At work, Daniel talks to Mrs Tembe about how stale he feels his life has become. She tries to convince Daniel he has built a solid routine but he doesn’t agree. He tells Zara his thoughts and to spice up their marriage, she makes a phone call. Will Daniel and Zara regret their words and actions?