Kim is charged with indecent assault

At the police station, Kim is shocked by Tara’s assault allegations against him, and is stunned when Jack reveals that Tara is only 15, rather than 18.

While a nervous Rachel waits outside for news, Jack takes Kim to one side and tells him that Tara’s dad Gordon is the new district superintendent – and Kim’s heart sinks.

Kim’s feeling standoffish and angry as he leaves the station with Rachel, and accuses her of believing Tara’s tall story. They kiss and make up, but are later distressed to get a visit from Jack who tells them they’ll need a good lawyer as things don’t look good.

Meanwhile, Tara makes a statement that Kim threatened to make her life a living hell if she spoke about what they’d been up to, before going to hospital to undergo tests. Disaster strikes when her tests go missing from the hospital, and her empty hospital file turns up in Rachel’s drawer. Rachel is infuriated by the discovery, but is forced to admit she was at the hospital that day. Later, Jack apologises as he charges Kim with indecent assault of a minor and reads him his rights!

Also, a depressed Tasha admits to Martha that, after her traumatic experience, she doesn’t want her baby, and breaks down. That night, she goes into labour.