Kelsey turns to prostitution!

Kelsey is in a kerfuffle. Alone and with nowhere to go, she decides to sleep in the on-call room, but is discovered by a furious Tess. She learns that Kelsey is trying to get agency nursing to help with her debt woes, but she refuses to give her a reference because she thinks she’ll be putting patient’s lives at risk through overwork.

Out of pity Tess loans her £20, but it’s not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Tess tells her to go home and rest, unaware she has no home. Kelsey succumbs to desperate measures and agrees to work in a brothel, but gets quite a shock from her first client!

Harry’s problems are ongoing, with Nathan telling Alice that two other nurses have made complaints, but failed to follow them through. She decides it’s the right thing to do and, later, wanders through Resus just as Harry’s examining a patient’s breasts. Harry is furious at Alice’s complaint, but hasn’t a leg to stand on. Nathan asks him to go on leave while the complaint is considered.

Meanwhile, Abs gets too emotionally involved with a cancer patient.