EastEnders Spoilers: Kat Moon warns Hayley Slater to stay well away from Martin Fowler!

Kat tells Hayley to leave the Square after catching her with Martin, Whitney’s torn over her feelings for Woody, and Vincent needs cash…

Stacey is annoyed that Hayley is hanging round the Square again. When Kat sees Hayley flirting with Martin, she grabs her and forces her into the café. Kat insists that Hayley leave Walford for good but Hayley says she’s waiting for Mo to pay her some money. Hayley gives Kat as good as she gets!

Despite making it clear to Woody that she’s still hurt over his behaviour, Whitney is torn over her feelings for him. Knowing she needs to sort things out in her head, she suggests they go into town to talk. Linda realises what Whitney is up to. She warns her that if she carries on with Woody again, she’ll lose her chance with Halfway.

Vincent tells a worried Kim that everything is in hand and he’s got a plan to save their home. Kim pops out and when she returns she reveals that she’ll take on a full time job to help with the money. Vincent, meanwhile, has taken drastic action to lay his hands on some cash. He nervously reassures Kim that he’s found enough money to keep the bank off their backs.

Also, a grieving Ted is mugged for his wallet and is touched when Hayley comes to his aid.