Joseph spends the night with Jac

Faye and Joseph’s relationship takes a turn for the worse. She explains that she needs some time out to clear her mind and that she doesn’t want him to contact her. Joseph is understandably distraught and seeks solace in the bottle when his OCD returns. The next morning Joseph wakes up with a hangover and calls out for Faye – but sees Jac standing in his room, naked but for a towel!

Maddy is even more determined to prove herself after losing out on the job in Keller. She pushes herself to the limit of her abilities when a mother and her children are brought in after a car accident. She assists Linden in the theatre and after a a tense operation they save her life. Linden can’t help but be infected by Maddy’s enthusiasm and he apologises for not backing up Maddy’s application for promotion.

Meanwhile Maria gets a call from Aaron – he’s got a job in Barcelona for the next few weeks and will be heading out there this afternoon. Maria is clearly upset as things have been going really well with him and now he’s going to disappear to Spain for a fortnight and she won’t even get a chance to say goodbye. Donna offers to cover for Maria for a few hours to see Aaron but cancels at the last minute to help Elliot in theatre.