Joseph delivers Daisha’s baby

Stuck in a lift with Daisha, who’s in labour, Joseph tries to play for time but it’s clear that Daisha needs help. When Joseph learns they could be stuck for hours, he prepares to deliver Daisha’s baby. As Joseph heads to maternity holding the new baby boy, Faye sees the big grin on his face and is devastated when he doesn’t notice her and walks straight past.

Jayne’s in full support of Linden’s Flash Cooling Trial, but the board rejects his idea. Later, Linden sets up an experiment to test the Flash Cooling on himself, and Connie agrees to back him. Connie argues for the merits of the trial, and the board suggest a human trial in a few years’ time after more tests are carried out. Linden thanks Connie but is clearly frustrated.

Prepping for theatre, Michael’s confused when anaesthetist Jamie walks in – he can’t understand how Jamie is still working after contributing to Linden’s suspension. When Jamie starts to struggle, Michael’s wife Annalese arrives and Jamie is dismissed. Annalese clearly enjoys working with Michael – but he’s not sold on her being at Holby full-time…

Also, Maddy’s confidence is knocked when she discovers she’s been turned down for the job on Keller ward.