John-Paul sleeps with Hannah

John-Paul feels uncomfortable when Hannah pops round to the McQueen family home, especially when his family tease him about his new ‘girlfriend’.

Uncertain, he knocks an embarrassed Hannah back, but feels so guilty about hurting her that he ends up taking her to bed… where they’re almost caught out by Carmel and Russ!

Over at Becca’s trial, Nicole puts in a wobbly performance on the witness stand, and the defence spot a mistake in her testimony, scoring a much-needed point for Becca. But Nicole’s decision to testify cuts no ice with Justin, who hurts her with his lack of appreciation.

Meanwhile, nasty Justin piles the pressure on Jake by threatening to reveal the truth about the kidnap saga. Angrily, Jake retaliates by forcing Justin to think about the enormity of what he’s done, and manages to get Justin to take a long hard look at himself.

Certain that her dad has changed his ways, Michaela is keen to meet up with him, despite Carmel’s discouraging attitude. She gets the encouragement she needs when Sasha tells her to go ahead and get in contact with her dad without telling her sisters.