Jimmi tries to save Melody from Julia

Melody’s late for work at the Campus and she knows that Julia is gunning for her over a mistake she made. Melody’s day doesn’t get much better when student Mandy turns up with a few problems… namely back ache and two boyfriends, Gareth and Mark. As Mandy tries to avoid being seen by both her lovers, Melody learns that Mark has another girlfriend and Mandy realises that Gareth is also two-timing her.

Realising that Julia plans to pay Melody a visit, Jimmi tries to intercept Julia and warn Melody – who will get there first? Jimmi arrives to warn Melody but she won’t listen, instead palming Gareth off on Jimmi, who’s forced to listen to Gareth’s complaint of two girlfriends in Julia’s office. Meanwhile, Melody’s in the doctor’s room with Mandy.

Jimmi hides in a cupboard when Julia takes Melody into the staff room for a ‘chat’, where she berates Melody for her mistake. As Julia heads back out, Melody decides it’s time Mandy, Mark and Gareth resolved this farce. Melody releases Jimmi from his hiding place – but they are caught by Julia who had forgotten her bag. Oops!

Melody’s day ends on a high when Julia tells her that they are lucky to have her at The Mill.