Jayne fears for her son’s life

Jayne Grayson is frantic when her son Christian arrives at Holby after being found in a river. He’s not breathing and Jayne urges Linden to do what he can to save him. In theatre, Jayne’s husband arrives, and Connie realises it’s John – her lover. After agreeing to end things, Connie spots John with Jayne – both fearing Christian’s dead – as Christian shows signs of life…

Elsewhere, Joseph sees Faye taking the morning-after pill, and is taken aback when she says they can’t risk anything. When Faye spots Joseph talking baby names with pregnant Daisha her heart sinks, as she fears her inability to have children will affect their relationship. Later, Faye books a weekend away for them both – but Connie scuppers their plans.

Chrissie returns to Holby for treatment on her scar but freaks out when she realises the theatre is the one she was attacked in. Michael talks her round to having surgery, and Chrissie’s pleased with the result. Nobody knows Chrissie is back and as she quietly walks the wards of Holby she’s surprised by how much has changed since she’s been away. Will she go back?

Kyla learns that Maddy has been hiding letters from Abra but realises she had good intentions.