Jamie ropes Chas into his vendetta

Jamie is still bent on retribution for Dawn’s death and he asks Chas to help him bring down the Kings. Chas suggests that if Jamie tracks down the foreman from the development site then he may find the evidence he needs.

Chas subtly finds out from Jimmy that the foreman is living in St Tropez. Jamie resolves to take a flight out to France to see if he can find him.

Jack is furious when he finds daughter Victoria flirting outrageously with an 18-year-old boy at the Woolpack and he quickly sends her home. Jack confronts Diane for failing to keep an eye on the 12-year-old after leaving her in her care.

Terry is frantic that he’s still had no contact with Jean after she did a disappearing act with his son TJ. He books a flight to Morocco in a bid to track them down, but the police pay him a visit and warn him that trying to find the pair will be impossible. A despondent Terry is bitter at Jean’s betrayal and blames Jean’s son Jamie for not telling him about her plans.