EastEnders Spoilers: Jack Branning makes a play for Mel Owen

Jack Branning hires himself a flashy new sports car in a bid to win round Mel Owen but she’s not impressed when he makes a very basic mistake...

Jack is determined to impress Mel and take her on a date to remember. He hires a swish sports car and tells Mel he wants to take her to Paris! Won round by Jack’s romantic plans, Mel is very tempted, and she talks Jack into letting her take them for a spin around the Square. When Mel can’t get the car started, she’s left fuming with Jack’s patronise attitude… But Jack’s left humiliated when the car won’t start for him either!

Karen has been completely charmed by Mitch, who has moved back into her life. When she wakes up in the morning she’s impressed to find him doing the ironing and acting like a model dad. But is her new improved opinion of Mitch about to be shattered?

Bernie is terrified about the upcoming chess competition that Ted has entered her into. Ted, meanwhile, is oblivious to Bernie’s distress as he coaches her for the tournament. When an under press Bernie finally breaks down and has a confidence crisis, Ted is taken aback.

Also, Mo is desperate to pay off Annie, the woman she’s in debt to. But with Annie breathing down her neck and a lack of available options, the Slaters are stunned when they realise how far Mo will go to raise the cash and get herself out of trouble.