Jac tries to further her career

Jac is becoming increasingly frustrated with her lack of career progress and approaches Phillip Lawlor about a job at Parkhall – but he turns her down due to lack of CT experience. Determined to prove herself, Jac plans a risky operation. Later, Jac tries to win favour with the team on Darwin by covering for missing Faye, whose dead husband’s body is being exhumed. Meanwhile on AAU, Maddy witnesses another side to Linden when he orders her to send a patient, Chloe Baxter, back to maternity. As Chloe has just suffered a miscarriage, Maddy thinks this is unfair and suspects that Linden is letting his religious views interfere with patient welfare. But is there another reason why he won’t treat Chloe? Elsewhere, Ric’s still having cash-flow problems so Michael offers him some private work. Ric reluctantly takes up Michael’s offer and ends up performing breast reduction surgery – against his better judgement.