Jac gets steamy with Joseph

When Martha informs Joseph that Jac told Elliot about the two of them kissing, Joseph quickly jumps to Jac’s defence and asks Martha to leave. Joseph goes looking for Jac to discuss their relationship and the pair end up in a passionate clinch in the on-call room.

Elsewhere, Abra tries to obtain more HIV drugs from pharmacist Natalie; she’s forced to hide them in the ladies’ toilets when she realises that Dan’s following her. When Kyla goes to retrieve the drugs she discovers that they’re missing.

Dan makes it his business to find out what Abra is up to and later, in the hospital bar, Dan cunningly makes Abra confess to sending drugs to Africa. Dan advises Abra to leave Holby immediately – without saying goodbye to Kyla – and never come back. But when Kyla sees that Abra has left a cricket bat with a goodbye message she goes after him only to see him drive away in a taxi.

Also, Sam asks a pregnant Connie if he can be her birth partner, but she declines his offer. Later, as Connie and Sam argue, Connie accidentally slips and falls but, after much worrying, they discover that everything’s OK with the baby.