It’s Zara’s first day

Zara arrives for her first day at work and immediately takes a shine to Daniel. Zara oozes confidence, so she’s slightly put out when Lily introduces herself as her mentor but she’s soon exercising her own authority by kicking Simon out of his room. Zara is forced to act when she discovers that a mother is going to extreme lengths to give her family a lavish lifestyle.

Zara enjoys flirting with Daniel but is knocked back when, at the end of the day, he declines her offer to go for a drink. And she’s even more unhappy that she’s been made to feel a fool in front of both Karen and Lily.

Cherry is awkward around Simon following Zara’s revelation that he is gay. Simon can’t see what’s wrong until Karen points out that Cherry thought something might happen between them. Mortified, Simon invites Cherry to lunch to apologise for his ignorance and the two make a pact to resume their innocent friendship.

Also, Daniel is saddened by the news that Cybil Lambert has died and that her funeral will take place the next day.

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