It’s a bad day for Diane

Diane’s day gets off to bad start when she turns up late for work after her car is stolen. Arriving on the ward, she is met by Ric and a vistor, Professor Currie, whom she learns will be shadowing her as part of the hospital’s surgical assessment, and Jac will be assisting her in theatre. If this isn’t bad enough, Diane gets the blame when her patient Isaac doesn’t survive surgery.

Diane then learns that she’s being placed under supervision as a result of Prof Currie’s visit and Ric offers his support. Diane’s not happy when she learns that she’ll be operating on another patient, Esther, under Jac’s supervision. But Diane’s soon revitalised when she enables Esther to think positive about her future. When Ric offers his support again, independent Diane knocks him back.

Connie spots Faye and Sam together in the hopsital car park after their night together, and Sam tells Connie that he doesn’t want Chrissie to know. Sutherland’s not allowing Chrissie any agency staff on the surgical wards, so Connie asks Sam to persuade Faye to give a bed on Keller to her patient, Terrance. Chrissie’s upset to learn from Mark that Faye was persuaded to give up the bed by her new lover Sam.

Also, Kyla and Abra look to each other for support.

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