Isaac’s controlling Dom… again!

The medic continues to play his evil mind games with his lover as Holby City continues…

Isaac’s revealed a very dark side in recent weeks as he’s begun to manipulate and belittle fellow medic and lover Dominic. Although they recently agreed on an ‘open relationship’, Isaac gets jealous when he sees Dom with Adam, a cage-fighting patient with anger issues, who has breast cancer, and accuses Dom of sleeping with him, which Dom denies.

As they’re arguing, angry Adam starts shouting for Isaac across the ward. When an irate Isaac snaps back at him, Adam attacks Isaac. Later, when Isaac manages to talk Adam into having his mastectomy op at Holby, he discovers the man’s anger stems from his abusive foster father.

Later, when Isaac gets annoyed with Dom again, Dom decides he wants to break up. That’s when Isaac tells Dom that he struggles to let people see the real him because of his father. As he opens up about his past, Isaac pleads for Dom’s help. But is this just another of Isaac’s wicked games?

Meanwhile, Mo’s busy trying to juggle motherhood and work, when ‘perfect’ mum Harriet (guest star Debra Stephenson) turns up. When Mo and partner Mr T fear their baby, Hector, has meningitis, Harriet tries to offer well-meaning advice.

But when Harriet questions Mo on the fact she’s getting on with work while her child is sick, Mo feels guilty. Will Harriet’s influence prompt Mo to reassess her work-life balance?

Also, Serena’s abrasiveness towards Jasmine worries Morven, who tries to offer Jasmine support. Is Serena hard on Jasmine because she sees potential – or does she have an ulterior motive?