Is Jac getting too close to Lord Byrne?

Faye notices that Joseph’s feeling uneasy about Jac’s over-friendly approach to Lord Byrne and decides to do something about it. When she tells Sam that Joseph is worried about his ‘girlfriend’ interfering with his family, Sam urges Joseph to confront Jac and tell her to back off from Lord Byrne.

Taking Sam’s advice, Joseph tries to confront Jac but fails miserably. Wanting to protect him, Faye confronts Jac herself only for Jac to laugh in her face. But Faye is quick to remind Jac that she knows they were all in Dubai under false pretences – and Jac wouldn’t want that to leak out now would she?

Meanwhile, Diane spots Jac being very friendly with Lord Bryne, and realises that she must get Clifford more on side. Diane wastes no time in flirting with Clifford but when she hears on the grapevine that Griffin is back she immediately goes cold on him.

Also, Lola gives Maddy a talking-to when she turns up for work with a major hangover. And when Lola tells her that she’ll get no special treatment because she’s a friend of Clifford, Maddy sets out to prove she’s the best woman for the job.

Later, Jac apologises to Joseph for her insensitivity. All is well, until the cops arrive and take Faye in for questioning.

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