Is it the end of the road for Harvey?

*Holby City moves to Thursdays to make way for HolbyBlue, which premieres on Tuesday May 8*

As Clifford rushes Harvey into theatre after his fall from the roof, Kyla realises that Max saw everything! When she sees that the police have started sniffing around, she tells Max to keep quiet about what he saw. Clifford emerges from theatre to tell Kyla that Harvey is dead. Devastated, Kyla breaks the news to Max and when he blames her for what happened Kyla slaps him – in full view of the police.

Later, Max tells the police all about his mum and dad’s fraught relationship and lets slip about what happened on the roof. Starting to believe she’s responsible for Harvey’s death, Kyla tells Max she’s sorry and that she never wanted Harvey to die. But the police have made up their minds: they don’t think Max is safe living at home and want to take him into care. As the police take Max away, Kyla breaks down.

Sam is annoyed to see Connie back at work so soon after the premature birth of their daughter Grace. When Connie refuses to go and see a distressed Grace, Sam’s convinced that she’s suffering from post-natal depression. Later, Elliot subtly persuades Connie to go and see her baby and she reluctantly agrees.

Also, Jac and Joseph attend the Royal Surgeons Association event where an elusive Lord Byrne secretly confesses to Jac that he’s really fallen for her.