EastEnders Spoilers: Hunter Owen has something to say to Phil Mitchell

Hunter apologises to Phil through gritted teeth, Stacey is jealous when she catches Martin flirting with Mel, and Woody returns.

Phil bans Louise from leaving the house and insists that Sharon keep an eye on her. When Hunter turns up at the Mitchells’, a frustrated Sharon hauls them both down the club to apologise to Phil. When they arrive, Hunter overhears Mel and Phil talking about their past relationship and he feels bitter. Despite the shock, Hunter apologises to Phil, who doesn’t take it well – grabbing him and warning him off Louise!

Stacey is surprised when Martin increases his financial contributions. Touched by the gesture, Stacey heads to the market to thank him. When she finds him flirting with Mel, Stacey gets in a jealous rage and causes a scene. Stacey’s day gets even worse when she discovers Mo has a new business venture – with help from Hayley.

Whitney is stunned when Woody makes a surprise return to the Square and she does her best to avoid him. When he finally catches her on her own, Woody declares his love for Whitney . Caught out for a moment by his surprise declaration, Whitney is almost drawn in by his charms. But she sees through him and instead storms off.

Also, Kim is stunned when she discovers an eviction notice for the house.