Home and Away spoilers: Robbo attacked and left for DEAD!

It's not looking good for Summer Bay tough guy Robbo when he's ambushed by hoodlums and left for dead on Home and Away...

Robbo has followed some cryptic instructions and made tracks for Black Smith’s Wharf on Home and Away.

The ex-federal agent is determined to find out who has been stalking him and new wife Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost). Could it be the same criminals who were responsible for the death of Robbo’s wife and children in a home invasion years earlier?

However, soon after Robbo arrives at his destination, he is ambushed by a bunch of heavies and taken captive!

Home and Away, Robbo

(Picture: Channel 5)

Home and Away, Robbo, Victor

Robbo is taken captive on Home and Away… (Picture: Channel 5)

Robbo is taken to a secluded cover where he comes face-to-face with a mystery man Victor (Patrick Thompson), who claims he’s the man who holds Robbo’s life in his hands and demands to know where Dylan Carter is!

To refresh our memories, Dylan Carter was the dodgy detective who menaced policewoman Kat Chapman, attacked her boyfriend Ash and was later believed to be dead, after his blood and gun were found on an abandoned boat.

But what’s all this got to do with Robbo?

Victor doesn’t believe Dylan died at sea and that Robbo can help find him. He has a week to track down the dodgy detective or Jasmine’s life will be in danger…

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Mason Morgan, Raffy Morrison

Can Justin find a way to help his sister Raffy on Home and Away? (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Justin Morgan (James Stewart) is still stressed-out over what he can do to help his teenage sister Raffy Morrison (Olivia Deeble) now that her CBD oil trial has been shut down.

Raffy still believes the CBD oil is the only thing keeping her epilepsy under control, and without it she is going to suffer more seizures and possibly fail her high school exams.

Seeing how upset Raffy is, Justin vows to find a way to make the CBD oil himself, despite the BIG trouble his brother Mason (Orpheus Pledger) landed himself in when he did the exact same thing…

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